8 Things That Make Bombas the Best Socks

in the History of Feet

They Made the Most Comfortable Pair of Socks...Ever

Over 2 years of R&D was spent in the Bombas labs re-inventing the sock as we know it. They eliminated the annoying toe seam on the tip of the toe, created a unique arch support system that feels like a hug around the middle of your foot and tested 130+ calf tension levels to find the perfect one. Just to name a few.

Plusher. Better. Finer. Softer.

Not all cotton is created equal. Knowing this, Bombas chose to make socks out of the absolute best cotton available: Extra Long Staple. Imagine the softest material you’ve ever felt. Now multiply that by 100, and you’re just getting close to the feeling of softness you get from a pair of socks made out of Extra Long Staple Cotton.

1 Pair Purchased = 1 Pair Donated

Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. For every pair of Bombas you purchase, a pair is donated to someone in need. As of now, Bombas customers have helped donate over 25 Million pairs of socks and counting to shelters across the US.

They Make Customers Happy…
No Matter What

Bombas has a specially dedicated in-house “Happiness Team”, whose job it is to do anything it takes to make their customers happy. And we mean anything– Like find the last pair of a discontinued style in our factory to send to a customer (true
 story), or overnight a pair of socks to someone running a marathon the next day (also a true story). 

They Have a (Kind of Insane) 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any imaginable reason in the universe, you don’t absolutely 100% love your Bombas socks, the Happiness Team will give you a refund. Send you a different size. Send you new ones. No dramatic story, explanation or excuses are remotely necessary.
 They’re not happy until you’re ecstatic with your Bombas order.

People Who Try them Really, 
Really Like Them

People who try Bombas can’t stop talking about them. Telling their friends about them. Posting on social media about them.

Experts Who Try them Really, Really Like Them

The most trusted fashion publications have said that Bombas are– actually, we’ll let them speak for themselves…

Bombas are made for Literally Everyone

Bombas were created to add comfort to the lives of runners, power walkers, power loungers, low-key fashionistas, snowboarders, business sharks, business casual sharks, people who prefer the outdoors, Netflix-and-chill-ers, and overall lovers of everyday comfort. Whatever you love to do, there’s a pair of Bombas that’ll add comfort to your life as you do it.

Try Bombas Now

But you won’t really know Bombas comfort until you try them for yourself.