Is This The Perfect No Show Sock? Here’s Why We Think So.

They Don't Slip... Ever.

Using special silicone strips on the inside of the heel, Bombas No Shows stay perfectly in place, never peeking out the top or slipping down into your shoe. Finally, a no show sock you can trust to do its job.

They’re Super Thin (And Super Comfy)

No bulk. Just soft. Using ultra-light fine gauge cotton, Bombas No Shows are specially designed to take up very little space in your sock drawer, very little space in your shoe, and a very high amount of space in the part of your brain that recognizes comfort.

They’re Designed To Fit Your Foot

Unlike other no shows, which are flat like the inside of your shoes, Bombas No shows contour to the arch of your foot, as if hugging your arch and your heel. Why? Because it helps them stay exactly where they’re supposed to. And because everybody deserves a hug.

They Come In An Extra Comfy Variety

If you like the cushioned footbed your calf or ankle-height Bombas have, you’ll love the extra cushioned footbed below Bombas Cushioned No Shows. They make the inside of your shoes feel like clouds. Super-puffy clouds.

One Pair Purchased = One Pair Donated

Socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. For every pair of Bombas you purchase, a pair is donated to someone in need. As of now, Bombas customers have helped donate over 35 Million pairs of socks and counting to shelters across the US.

Warm Weather Colors

It’s kind of a shame: They’re so colorful, yet so well designed that they never peek out the edge of your shoe. Hands down, the most colorful socks no one will ever know you're wearing.

They’re Guaranteed For Life

Bombas No Shows carry a 100% lifetime guarantee. So if you accidentally leave them behind in a carry-on, lose one in the wash, or get the wrong size, no worries. Their dedicated Customer Happiness Team will refund you or replace them with a new pair.

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